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Lawn Maintenance Packages – Weekly Contracts Only (9-12 month)

Lawn Enforcement Landscaping is pleased to offer the following SCHEDULED WEEKLY/BI MONTHLY lawn maintenance and care packages to Commercial/Strata and Residential clients in Vancouver and Burnaby. Our packages start at $250/month + GST.

(We’re sorry, but we don’t do one-off residential treatments at this time under $250– but we can recommend a smaller supplier for this if you like).

Our packages can include:

Lawn Cutting

Scheduled lawn cutting (weekly only) from mid March to end of November (To match the growing season, we will do 2 cuts in March & 2 cuts in November)

Service includes: Lawn mowing (Rotary or Reel) Sidewalk Edging, Line trimming, Blowing, Curb/Leaf detail

Curb/Leaf detail – Lawn cutting service include a minor clean-up of leaves on lawns, sidewalks, storm drains, and city road curbs. This fee is included in the Lawn cut. Full leaf cleanup is included with Bed Maintenance. Client may request a more thorough level of leaf cleanup during fall weekly lawn cutting schedule.

NOTE: Lawn Enforcement will not rake or blow leaves onto city streets as this contravenes city bylaws and is unprofessional and dangerous.

Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Services

Power Raking / Dethatching

Ideally done in the early spring in dry conditions, The Power Rake machines use short vertically mounted cutters knives spaced ¾” apart to rake pullout moss and thatch. This process provides more light to filter into existing grass and promotes healthier lawn. The cutters also cut into the top layer of the soil. This ‘churned’ up soil provides an excellent surface to apply seeds to. The grass seed has a better chance of bonding to loose soil and taking root in protected grooves left by Power Rake knives.


Aerating is the process of pulling 1.5”-2.5” plugs of soil out of lawns to help reduce soil compaction and poor drainage. The holes left behind provide oxygen to the root system, which promote healthier root systems. A top dressing of River Sand is also beneficial at this time. The sand will find its way into the holes and eventually mix in to compacted soil to improve soil drainage.

Lawn Top Dressing

Turf Blend – The application of ¼” – ½” of 50% Riversand and %50 Organic compost mixture ideally following Power Raking and Aerating improves the health of soil, drainage, and an opportunity to level low spots in the lawn, remove tripping hazards and unsightly concrete sidewalk edges. Overseeding is usually done with this process. Clients will be offered options of seed quality. The best results for existing lawns is spring time, when overnight temperatures are warm enough for seed germination and the morning due helps to keeps the soil moist. River Sand may be substitute when existing soil is in good condition.

Lawn Care Package – Fertilizing

Spring Lime – An application of slow-release prilled lime helps to lower the acid in the often highly acidic soil found in the lower mainland where moss thrives.

Spring Moss Control – This application helps to control the remaining moss left over following Power Raking. This product also contains a short boost of fertilizer high in nitrogen that quickens the grass recovering time. Moss control without fertilizer is also available.

Spring Overseeding – A heavy application of grass seed helps to replenish thinning lawns by filling in empty areas where weeds and moss will creep -in. Spring is the ideal time for Overseeding as both temperature and humidity are the most favorable. Seed is ideally applied following Power Raking as the top surface of the ground has been roughed up by the blades which allows for improved soil/seed bonding.

Spring Fertilizing – A slow release fertilizer that will keep the grass vibrant looking for 6-8week.

Summer Fertilizing – A slow release fertilize that won’t burn the grass even without watering . Lasts for 6-8weeks.

Fall Fertilizer – A slow release fertilizer lasting for the duration of the grass growing season. Last 6-8 weeks.

Fall Lime – An application of slow-release prilled lime helps to lower the acid in the often highly acidic soil found in the lower mainland where moss thrives.

Fall Overseeding – A heavy application of seed in mid-September will be allows seed to take root through the course of the mild fall temperatures.

Gardening Services

Pruning/Shearing – Hedge shearing, fruit tree, shrub shaping. Included in yearly contracts or as an ‘Extra’.

Bed Maintenance – Scheduled 3-4 week flower bed maintenance that includes: weeding, soil tiling, general garden tidying, spot pruning, flower bed edging & lawn weeding. (Minimum hourly service charge + dump fee if applicable).

Bed & Garden Cleanup – Full property cleanup including removal of all unwanted items. Pricing based on work required.

Soil/Mulch/Aggregate Spreading – An application of 3-6” of appropriate type of soil, mulch, or aggregate to tired old soil will aid in rejuvenating the health of perennials, shrubs and trees. Use mulch or aggregate in areas where minimum maintenance is required.

Power Washing – available at an hourly cost. Minimum cost will apply.

Contact Lawn Enforcement for an estimate for these lawn and garden improvement and maintenance services for your home or commercial space today.