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Landscaping Services Vanouver

We offer the following range of residential and commercial landscaping services in Vancouver, including softscape design and installation, hardscape design and installation and all sorts of other goodies! Our typical landscaping projects in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC start at $1500 and up. Get Estimate Now>>

Softscape Design

In consultation with our garden designer and customers, we will create a detailed plant & tree design that will take into account customer requests, maintenance considerations, budget, and site limitations.   The itemized plan will be used to create a detailed quote.

What is Softscape?  Softscape refers to the elements of a landscape that comprises horticultural elements. Softscaping can include flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, flower beds, etc. The purpose of softscape is to lend character to the landscaping, create an aura and ambiance.

Softscape Installation

We prepare the site, install appropriate soils and aggregates, source, select, and install the plant material.  If necessary, at the request of the customer, we will manage sub-trade professionals such as irrigation and tree care.

Hardscape Design

In consultation with our garden designer and landscape architect, we will lead the customer through all considerations required to create a long lasting garden and/or outdoor living space.   In order to ensure a quality, safe and structurally appropriate design, a landscape architect may be necessary.  Many simple jobs will not necessitate garden designer or landscape architect.  Lawn Enforcement will supply design advice at a fee.

What is Hardscape? Typical small-scale hardscaping examples include brick patios and sidewalks. Retaining walls are often used to create boundaries between hardscapes and earth landscaping features of softscape.

Hardscape Installation

From simple pathways to poured concrete retaining wall and garden patios we will see that the final product is built with quality, timely and when required built to the specifications outlined by our garden designer or landscape architect. If additional trades people are required, we can manage landscape sub-trades such as irrigation, lighting, gas install, metal fabrication, and tree care.

Landscape Contracting

We offer the management of complete start to finish projects.  We will source and manage all experienced sub-trade professionals needed to keep your project on budget and on time.

New Lawns (Turf or Seed)

We will remove your old lawn and install new subsoil and drainage if necessary to ensure a future healthy lawn.  We inform the customer where grass is less unlikely to flourish such as under trees and close to fences.   Our Lawn Maintenance package will ensure that your new grass is well cared for and properly maintained.

Synthetic Turf Grass

Looking for no maintenance grass solution? Synthetic Turf provides a variety of different length turfs with minimum maintenance.  Appropriate sub-prep is required with good drainage.

Hedge Removal & Installation

Lawn Enforcement will remove and dispose of your old hedge and advise you on the options for a suitable replacement.  Your new hedge will be planted in nutrient rich soil to ensure it gets off to a good start.  If requested we will set up a soaker hose watering system with timer to ensure the hedge is adequately watered as it takes healthy root in the new site.

Fence Removal & Installation

We will remove your old fence and replace with a standard quality built panel fence or build a custom fence of your design including lattice and trellis details.

Property Management

With a network of quality service vendors, we are able to provide property owners with the security of well managed services.  Gutter cleaning, sprinklers, pool services, outdoor risk assessment, tree care/spraying, rodent management, power washing, exterior painting, property checkup.

Home Sale Preparation/Staging

We provide full preparatory home sale services.  We will give your property the best makeover possible.  From the street curb to the back lane and from windows to the top of the house, we will ensure the outside of your home looks fantastic.  We can also put you into contact with a quality in house staging company that will outfit the inside or your home.

Drainage / Drain Tiles / Rain Leaders / Sump Installation / Exterior Foundation Sealing

We are experienced with removing aging/clogged drainage tiles and replacing with City Inspected 4”PVC Perforated Drainage Pipe, separated 4” Rain Leader, and Drainage Sumps.  We will also advise you with foundation wall membrane options before reinstalling drain rock.

Landscape Lighting

Looking to accentuate your landscape during the evening or make it safer for pedestrian use during dark evenings?  We can provide you with Low voltage/LED Lighting options to suite your needs.  Line Voltage options are available with use of our Certified Electrical Contractor.  We only use good quality Phillips/Hadco Transformers and supplies which ensure hassle free longevity with great warranty security.

Playground & Tree Fort Construction

From assembly of pre fab play structures to custom built recycled log preschool playground structures that meet Licensing requirements, we have expertise to create wonderful play structure for your children.

Deck and Porch Construction

We work with RED SEAL Journeyperson Carpenters to ensure your Woodworking projects are done to Building Code Standards.  We will ensure that you are given a variety of building material options to choose from.  From Treated Lumber to Tight Knot Cedar to Trex.  We also offer exterior wood finishing with our high volume professional sprayer, that makes quick work of the biggest jobs.

Pre Fab & Custom Sheds

Need a little more space to store indoor or outdoor items? Consider the installation of a prefab or custom shed.  With help of our certified electrician, we can run power to the shed which will allow light and heat.

Outdoor Kitchens

Consider maximizing your outdoor living experience by creating an outdoor kitchen oasis.  Our projects can include built in BBQ, fridge, and gas cook tops.

Gas Fire Pit Installation

Maximize those spring, summer, and fall evenings by snuggling up to a warm easy-to-start gas fire pit.

Contact Lawn Enforcement Landscaping today to get an estimate for any of these services. Our work covers Vancouver and Burnaby. We no longer cover North Vancouver nor West Vancouver.

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