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COVID-19: We practice safe social distancing with our team and you, and are pleased to be able to help you move forward on projects during this time.

About Us

We are a company that has been established for over 20 years and recently taken over by longtime manager, Cole Graham.

Lawn Enforcement Landscaping is a Vancouver based landscape construction and maintenance company servicing Vancouver, North and West Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond. Along with quality commercial and residential lawn and landscape weekly maintenance, we also offer a wide range of hardscape and softscape landscaping services for your commercial or residential project. We do paving stones, patio stones, drain tile, garden installation.

Our goals at Lawn Enforcement Landscaping have stayed the same over the years:

  • To provide a wide range of dependable, complete, quality COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL landscaping services to a loyal and manageable client list in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, West Vancouver and North Vancouver (certain minimums apply).
  • To provide good value landscaping services in Vancouver. Projects start at $1500. See our estimate request form.
  • To provide reliable one-time landscaping project services. Minimum charge for a one-time project is $250 + tax. ($400 + tax to West Van, North Van, Richmond, Burnaby).

See the transformation of this beautiful West 5th Ave landscape in Vancouver:

West 5th AFTER


West 5th DURING


West 5th BEFORE

Images in this post highlight our hardscape & softscape skillsets in a small setting! Design by Meghan O’Brian

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Lawn Enforcement Landscaping (2019) Ltd.

Paving Stones in Vancouver, BC

Lawn Enforcement Landscaping takes great pride in our hardscape work. Pictured here is a recent installation of paving stones in Vancouver for a driveway.

COVID-19: We practice safe social distancing with our team and you, and are pleased to be able to help you move forward on projects during this time.

Proper Paving Stone Installation

By following the proper steps of base preparation/compaction, detailed laying of the pavers, certified edge restraints and polymeric jointing sand – we are left with a driveway parking pad that will stay true for years to come!

Know your base! Lawn Enforcement takes pride in their high attention to detail and we only install to ICPI standards International Concrete Paver Institute. The most common failure that comes from paving stones is improper base and compaction. This will cause settling, rutting and edging failure in your finished product.

Overview of Materials Required for Paving Stones

Geotextile Fabric: Prevents gravel base migration into soil sub-base.

Gravel Base (3/4” minus road base gravel). Here are some rough amounts required:

  • Walkways, Patios: 4”
  • Driveways, parking pads: 6”-12”
  • Compacted in 2” lifts depending on plate compactor used at time of installation

Sand base:

1” of bedding sand MAX

Paving Stones/Jointing Sand/Edge Restraints

Keeping Our Pavers As Local as Possible

We work with a variety of local suppliers to bring you a great selection of interlocking and hydrapressed slab pavers!

Click here to request a Paving Stone Installation today!

Here is the ‘before’ picture of the driveway seen above:

paving stones vancouver, paving stones vancouver installation company

Paving Stones in Vancouver, BC

Cole Graham

Lawn Enforcement Landscaping (2019) Ltd.